Kids Love Coding with Kodu

Beginning Programming (Levels 1 - 3)

Our Beginning Programming classes introduce students to computational thinking, logical problem solving, and the "condition/action" code structure in the immersive 3D environment of Kodu Gamelab.

Our instructors guide students through 25+ hours of exercises delivered over a three-level class sequence. Self-paced lessons gradually build and enable students to develop more complex gameplay, scoring systems, and interactivity. Students can even access exercises online - great for regular practice!

Available from Microsoft, Kodu Gamelab is an educational program that has been embraced by students and teachers alike. Multiple studies have shown Kodu's ability to enhance classroom engagement and enrich student learning at both the grade school and high school levels.

Learning Outcomes

Level 1 students will:

  • Create multiplayer game environments using visual programming
  • Structure and sequence code into logical statements (loops, variables, conditionals, and Boolean values)
  • Execute, test, and successfully debug problems

Level 2 students will:
Prerequisite Level 1 or instructor approval.

  • Develop game behavior and deepen user experience
  • Use object-oriented commands to modify and extend functionality (routines, classes, and inheritance)
  • Combine narrative, animation, and special effects to effect to tell a story

Level 3 students will:
Prerequisite Level 2 or instructor approval.

  • Plan and design an original game concept or idea
  • Analyze program elements of various game genres (arcade, racing, role playing, etc.)
  • Break down complex problems into simpler parts

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