Teaching Kids to Make
Music Using Code

Making Music & Code Simple

For students that are interested in taking their coding skills to the next level, Sonic Pi offers a great option for diving into text-based programming. Most educational programming environments (like Kodu, Scratch, or Stencyl) use video games to hook student interest - but Sonic Pi is different. Sonic Pi uses music as a vehicle for students to develop an understanding of functions, syntax, and data structures (universal coding concepts) while creating music.

At Seattle App Academy, our new Coding Music class will teach students to use Sonic Pi (software) on a Raspberry Pi (hardware). 

Create Your Own Electronic Music

Students use this text-based programming environment to create music using statements and a specific syntax. See examples of the Sonic Pi code and listen to sounds! 

How Sonic Pi is being used

Sonic Pi is being used by students across the UK and by musicians at live coding sessions. It has even been featured as a TEDx Talk and used to recreate the music of Aerodynamic by the popular electronic duo Daft Punk.

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