Create Custom Games

Now using the Unity Game Engine

For students that have completed Beginning Programming or that have some programming experience, Game Development builds upon foundational skills to create and publish mobile games using Unity. Delivered over a three-level sequence, each class builds upon previous lessons for utilizing block-based code, game physics, and custom pixel artwork.

Learning Outcomes

Level 1 students will:
Prerequisite Beginning Programming or instructor approval.

  • Edit and extend existing games and pixel artwork
  • Use block-based coding for conditionals (if, else, else-if, etc.) and operators (equals, and, or, not, etc.)
  • Modify motion, forces, physics and controls for unique gameplay

Level 2 students will:
Prerequisite Level 1 or instructor approval.

  • Create custom sprites, scenery, and animations
  • Understand actor types (class) vs. actor instances (object)
  • Organizing elements into layers, groups, and events

Level 3 students will:
Prerequisite Level 2 or instructor approval.

  • Develop games for a specific platform or device (web, phone, tablet)
  • Evaluate program efficiency and refine code (custom blocks, code reuse)
  • Complete an original game and publish it online

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