Demo Games

Class Outline

Day 1 - Introduction to Stencyl
Day 2 - Creating a new scene
Day 3 - Custom pixel artwork and animation
Day 4 - Program enemy patrol behavior
Day 5 - Program enemy shoot behavior
Day 6 - Making a start screen
Day 7 - Oops, your hero died!
Day 8 - Polishing and publishing your game

Students learn to design and program their own side scroller in our Game Development class. This class builds upon foundational skills to create and publish games using Stencyl. Delivered over 8-weeks, each class builds upon previous lessons for utilizing block-based code, game physics, and custom pixel artwork. Check out their work below and take these games for a test drive!

Game Development - Level 1

Instructor - Demo Game

Created using Stencyl / Published on

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